Am I ready enough athletically for a Santini Cycling Tours?

The Santini Cycling Tours are designed to offer an athletic experience rather than a tourist experience. Therefore, all of our tours require at least a decent physical preparation.
In any case, there are more difficult tour types than others.
However, our team is prepared to adapt the difficulty of the tour to the participants level.

Can I customize my tour?

The Santini Cycling Tours Tailor Made tours are the solution for all those who need to completely customize their cycling tour. You can decide when to ride with us, the number of days, the type of lodging, the difficulty of the routes and the services you want to receive.
It easy: email us to and ask us to build your ideal cycling tour in Tuscany.

How does payment work?

We ask you to pay a deposit (30% of the full price) at time of booking in order to confirm the reservation. The balance is due within 60 days before the starting date. Of course, you are free to pay the full price when you book.
If you book less than 60 days before departure, we will ask you to pay the full price upfront. You can pay both with PayPal (both PayPal account and Credit Cards) and Direct bank transfer.

What level of support can I expect on the road?

All Santini Cycling Tours are designed to provide the participants with a high standard of quality and assistance on the road.
You will pedal with the best Pinarello bikes, you will always be accompanied by at least two local professional guides who know the area better than anyone else, you will always be followed by a support car with a mechanic on board, spare wheels, sports nutrition and everything you may need along the ride.

Can I bring a non-riding partner?

The partners of our cycling friends are also welcome. Italy is a real paradise for cyclists, and offers many interesting artistic, cultural and recreational opportunities for those who do not want to ride.

What kind of hotels and restaurants can I expect?

All Santini Cycling Tours are designed to provide the participants with a high standard of quality.
The level of your lodging is very high (never less than 4 stars); the restaurants are the best, the most traditional and carefully selected by our team to ensure you the best local food and wine experience.

What kind of occupancy can I choose?

Double occupancy (two people per room): that means you’re traveling alone on any of our tour and we’ll assign you a roommate of the same gender.

Single occupancy: that means you are paying to reserve a private room for your exclusive use. This will guarantee you a private room and private bath every night.

Double occupancy with riding partner (two people per room): that means you’re paying to reserve a room for your and your riding partner use.

Double occupancy with non-riding partner (two people per room): you’re paying to reserve a room for your and your non-riding partner use

What is included in the price?

All Santini Cycling Tours include:

  • All lodging in four-star hotels (usually inside Lucca’s walls)
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners
  • High-end Pinarello bike
  • Daily bike tune-ups and washing
  • Daily laundry service for bike clothing
  • Post-ride massages
  • Professional riding guide
  • Support car with escort mechanic, spare wheels, sports nutrition and everything the riders may need along the ride
  • Transfer to and from airports or train stations
  • Basic health insurance
What is included in the price of my non-riding partner option?
  • All lodging in four-star hotels
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners
  • Transfer to and from airport or train station
Is my tour guaranteed?

The Lucca Bike Tours are guaranteed. We may have to cancel your booking just as a result of “force majeure”, that is any occurrence outside our control and which could not have been avoided with all due care.

The other tours need to obtain at least six partecipants.

Can I cancel my trip?

Should you wish to cancel your booking, we ask you to emailing us at In the event that you cancel your trip, the following cancellation charges will apply (the charges are expressed as a percentage of your total trip price):

  • more than 60 days prior to departure: your deposit;
  • between 60 and 31 days prior to departure: 50% of the full price;
  • 30 to 0 days prior to departure: 100% of the full price.
Who will I be cycling with?

Alongside your ChronoPlus guides and Santini Cycling Tours employees, you’ll be riding with Santini Cycling Tours customers from all over the world. They all are very cycling lovers. Often some former pros (our friends) join us to ride together.