The magnificent Italian riviera

Liguria’s Cinque Terre, the Gulf of Poets and additional exceptional places like Portofino, Ligure and Santa Margherita, offer an unforgettable riding opportunity in one of northern Italy’s most attractive regions, in addition a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It will be one spectacular experience upon another during these marvelous Ligurian cycles during which we’ll visit the Gulf of Poets and the famous five seaside villages – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia,Vernazza and Monterosso which sit high over the sea – otherwise known as the Cinque Terre. Liguria cycling is riding along magical paths with stunning seaviews leading to breathtaking hidden gateways.

Riding through the Cinque Terre we’ll encounter visits to meaningul landmarks and ancient pastel-coloured villages with slender cobbled streets. We’ll dine on traditional gourmet delights in world famous restaurants offering a grand choice of fabulous dishes that will include seafood, pasta, fritto misto, pesto and focaccia of Recco, along with a choice of wines like red Sangiovese or white Vernaccia.

Liguria Cinque Terre Bike Tour 7 days 6 nights

Cinque Terre Bike Tour – Overview On this magnificent cycling tour we will ride along stunning routes with charming scenes that form a landscape of natural wonder and architecture. We will find Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Liguria in all their splendour combining history, natural beauty and local customs. We’ll sample delicious Italian recipes and savour exquisite wines at first-class restaurants, […]

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