Cycling Tours In Italy

Have dreams of a sublime cycling excursion?
Italy provides the most amazing range of landscapes the world has to offer, hence the term “Il Bel Paese” (The Beautiful Country).

Here, rolling hills look out over the sea, charming villages are set atop untouched mountains and there are stunning valley vistas and gorgeous lakes and rivers. Italy is always here to allure with its stunning art, unforgettable architecture and fantastic food. Where do we start? Our expert guides are trained to provide experiences guaranteed to dazzle and amaze you throughout the year. You’ll be taken along routes that are legendary via quaint villages and incredible scenery.
You’ll be introduced to the very best of amenities, cuisine and services.

On all of our bike tours you will discover bewildering getaways and will cycle and replenish in outstanding settings.

Post cycle, you will be treated to glorious food and fine entertainment.

Be amazed at the legendary Faraglioni of Capri - visiting the Costiera

Seeking a distinctive cycling adventure in one of Earth’s unbelievably beautiful coastlines? We have it for you.

Our mind-blowing cycling tours on the Amalfi coast will have you exploring some of south-west Italy’s most scenic areas.  Touring this area means travelling through exquisite countryside sprinkled with lemon trees, ancient towns and tiny hamlets boasting amazing sea views.

Cycling from Sorrento via Positano, Vietri sul Mare, Paestum and Palinuro to Maratea we’ll glide by the most unforgettable stretches of coastal scenery the Earth has to offer beneath bright blue skies, all while inhaling fresh lemon-scented air. Absolute bliss!

To the area’s premium restaurants you will be taken to sample delightful dishes like sea bass, fennel and citrus fish carpaccio, mozzarella di bufala baked on lemon leaves or with colatura di alici (anchovy sauce). And as a finale…how about a delizia di limone and some home-made limoncello? A sacred sensory experience.

The magnificent Italian riviera

Liguria’s Cinque Terre, the Gulf of Poets and additional exceptional places like Portofino, Ligure and Santa Margherita, offer an unforgettable riding opportunity in one of northern Italy’s most attractive regions, in addition a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It will be one spectacular experience upon another during these marvelous Ligurian cycles during which we’ll visit the Gulf of Poets and the famous five seaside villages – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia,Vernazza and Monterosso which sit high over the sea – otherwise known as the Cinque Terre. Liguria cycling is riding along magical paths with stunning seaviews leading to breathtaking hidden gateways.

Riding through the Cinque Terre we’ll encounter visits to meaningul landmarks and ancient pastel-coloured villages with slender cobbled streets. We’ll dine on traditional gourmet delights in world famous restaurants offering a grand choice of fabulous dishes that will include seafood, pasta, fritto misto, pesto and focaccia of Recco, along with a choice of wines like red Sangiovese or white Vernaccia.

One of northern Italy's most breathtaking regions - an unforgettable cycling vacation

Take a week’s cycling holiday to the lakes of Italy and see the wonders that gave legendary writers and artists endless inspiration.

The lakes of Lombardy are placed in one of northern Italy’s most scenic areas, with hills of green and majestic mountains posing as a backdrop. Scenery such as this has drawn in many over centuries.

We’ve chosen stunning routes to cover all your cycling needs. The lakes are well known for their views which are varied and astonishing and there are Michelin rated restaurants, plus authentic eateries where you will find porcini mushrooms with pasta, pizzoccheri and lavarello – a fresh lake fish. Vineyards surround the lakes and from these we’ll taste amazing wines from Chiaretto to Bardolino and Amarone to Valpolicella, and more.

Discover the joys of cycling on roads of white truffles and Barolo

A holiday cycling amongst striking native landscape and devouring enticing food paired with elegant wines? Cycling tours in Piedmont is where you will find this.

We’ll escort you to wonderful locations while taking these cycling tours and experience a neverending variety of dazzling scenery characterized by dramatic mountains and towering alps. We’ll travel across gorgeous vine-covered hills and sightsee towns laden with history and where cappuccino and homemade cake can be enjoyed.

These delicately planned tours will take in our most favoured country residences and eateries where we’ll experience some of the most flavourful food and wines in our country. Examples of the region’s sublime cuisine are plin pasta, delicious white Alba truffles, bagna cauda, heavenly cheese, nature’s hazelnuts and mouthwatering and robust wines like Barbera, Barbaresco and Barolo.

Cycling through olive trees and vineyards

Tuscany is an ideal part of the world for art, culture, history, fine food, exquisite wines and an unparalleled cycling experience, While riding in this refined area of central Italy, we’ll delight in the astounding landscapes offering wondrous scenic vistas of the area which is Chianti and Crete Senesi as well as the Apuan Alps, beautiful woodland covered Lucchesia, vineyards and olive groves of silver-green along with sophisticated villas dotted all around.

On these cycling journeys we will be submersed in the history of the area’s well known towns namely Lucca, Florence and Siena. Alongside this, numerous enchanting hamlets boasting Renaissance and Medieval architectural showpieces will transport you back to olden times.

Tuscany cycling also means riding the Strade del Vino e dell’ Olio to experience delicious olive oils and wines, while tasting local culinary delicacies. Our prudently chosen chefs will indulge us in not to be forgotten local dishes while savouring splendorous wines like Chianti Classico, Cabernet and Brunello di Montalcino.

The green heart of Italy - An exceptional cycling holiday

A cycling tour in Umbria, a most revered Italian region, will for sure be an exceptional experience.

The world knows central Italy’s Umbria, for its hills that are rolling, green and lush and for its medieval towns that are Assisi, Gubbio, Orvieto and Perugia.

There is also the amazing unspoiled landscape peppered with Etruscan hilltop villages and calm lakes. During this cycle we’ll pedal incredible roads via groves of olive trees, visit UNESCO heritage sites, recharge in unforgettable settings and visit the region’s well known character farms and wineries owned by our friends.

They will treat us to magnificent dishes likes homemade Trevi sausage and black celery pasta, Caciotta and Pecorino cheese and black truffles as well as grilled red wine marinated sausages with vegetables. Winding down with a glass of wine we’ll taste impressive local wines such as Rosso di Montefalco or Sagrantino.